Club news


Recently we applied for a local grant to provide a public bench within our grounds. And I am please to announce that we have been successful with this application. The bench will be sited by the model boating lake. Further details at the April meeting.

UPDATE, we where able to purchase two adult picnic tables made from 100% recycled plastic, these will be in place by the end of April.

We are now in the process of laying paving slabs in the Steaming bay area which will give us a much improved area for tending our Locomotives,

update 28th August 2015, A few weeks ago we started on a new project with several aims in mind. To provide 12volt supply and compressed air in the steaming bay, to provide 240v supply to the carriage shed, to replace and improve all signal cables. to purchase new signals of the semaphore type and to adapt these for automatic operation. To date all cables have been laid underground. Mains power is available at the steaming bay and carriage shed. Compressed air is available for cleaning locomotives in the steaming bay and we have received the new Signal units. there is some way to go in wiring the 12volt supply and the Signals but this should all be finished by mid September.

we now have power to the steaming bay and carriage shed, the signal system has been fully rewired and the new signals are in use.

In late 2016 we concreted an area and installed a new opening section of track to allow easy access to the field. this will save us countless hours removing a section of track when access is needed.