Club news

A very strange year, winter weather with no public running was followed by the first lockdown, as rules where relaxed in the summer months we did have some private running for members and some boiler testing days but where still unable to carry public passengers. Unfortunatly we then went to the rule of six and later two and it was imposible for us to do any running either public or private. As I write this in early December we are now in teir 3 and have had no passenger income for the whole of 2020. This has left us facing our major annual costs in January of around £2,000,00 and  the depletion of our reserve funds. We look forwards to running again in 2021 and hope that this is a good year.

UPDATE 22 Feb 2021. all of the older members [over 70]  have now recieved there first covid19 jab and some of those over 60 are now getting appointments we are looking forward to the relaxing of rules which should at least allow us to meet up in small groups and have work parties/ there are things to do once the weather allows. there are some provisional dates in the club diary we just need to hope we can meet these.